Just found a great resource for learning design for flexible learning

have a look at this

support network for learning designers

what a great tool to help with course design for flexible delivery.

It is a very slick looking site and I like the tool here. It seems to have a lot of potential to support flexible learning initiatives in New Zealand and I see the Occupational therapy course and Otago Polytechnic is featured. However the forums for discussion do not seem to have any activity. I can see that it is possible to enrol in a course here but I have enough on my plate at the moment so will not be doing that.

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  1. Nice find Carolyn, perhaps you could add it to the course wiki where you think it should go?

  2. Fiona

     /  March 18, 2008

    Hello Carolyn,
    What a wonderful resource. I bookmarked it immediatley into my favorites.
    I am interested in supporting our students in their learning and am interested in our you go about building a community online. What has worked for the midwifery course?

  3. allibarty

     /  March 18, 2008

    What a site – I’m meeting with the e-learning project manager tomorrow in Wellington – having ‘poached’ from this site I might have some ideas for them too – hopefully

  4. Steve

     /  March 19, 2008

    Thanks for the info, going to have a look at “garage band” a editing suite from Mac

  5. Wow I haven’t looked at the site for yonks. It certainly has expanded; originally it was set up as a discussion forum for educational design. Good to see lots of information in one place.

  6. Shaun and Molly

     /  March 30, 2008

    wow another great find carolyn – and I only had a short time to look! I have bookmarked this and will be back


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