Wk 7

I am still uncertain exactly what I will be developing for the end of this course however as stated in several previous posts the midwifery schools at Otago and Christchurch polytechnics are embarking on a new collaborative undergraduate midwifery program which is to be delivered through a blended learning program. It might be that it will be useful for me to do something associated with this as a design plan for this course. I also teach in a course which is currently delivered online through the Blackboard learning management system for registered midwives and I have a keen interest in considering this how this might be moved into a more open environment as is used for the DFLP course and this might also be an option for my plan.

I currently teach the year one midwifery skills course at Otago Polytechnic and this week we will be getting together with our colleagues in Christchurch to really nail down how this course is to be delivered. As part of this process I have been thinking about the year one clinical skills and have put together a short presentation which graphically illustrates some of the aspects of this course. I have copied this power point into slideshare and embeding this here

I am very open to any help or ideas anyone might have about where to from here. I might have a better idea later in the week.

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  1. perhaps you could take yours and Sarah’s initial open access work further with a budget and development timeline etc..

  2. I am still debating what I should do Leigh. I would like to work on open access but I have to work on the development of the first year midwifery clinical skills anyway. I could use this course as support as I work on the first year midwifery program or I could work on open access. If I do work on open access there is no guarantee that I will be able to bring it to fruition. What do you think?


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