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I think I agree with Sarah that trying to design a whole course is perhaps a bit ambitious just at the moment, given everything else that is happening. As I have alluded to many times previously the midwifery school are developing a new joint curiculum and midwifery undergraduate program in collaboration with Christchurch Polytechnic. We had a meeting last week and discussed how the first year clinical paper might look. We spoke about what aspects we felt need to be face to face and what might be able to be taught in the students local area with support from her local midwife teacher and online resources. There are several aspects of the course that will need to be developed to be delivered in a blended fashion, with some face to face components, some online and some practical support in the students local area.

For the Design for Flexible Learning Practice I would like to look at one of these, bearing in mind that others will also be being developed alongside this,  the process I use and design I arrive at will both influence this parallel process and will be influenced by it.

Currently I am considering developing  a plan for flexible learning of medication administration. I hope that others will comment and feedback now whether they feel this is a reasonable and realistic thing to do. Is there something else that would be more useful? Should I be looking at the overall plan rather than breaking it down into this small component? You can either comment below or email me at my polytech address or to if you feel reluctant to comment on a blog.

I am aware that I need to start working on this very soon and will have to make a decision. Thank you for your support.

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  1. That sounds a good idea. Have you done a quick scoping exercise to see if there is something similar out there. It would be great to develop soemthing completely new not replicate whats already done. cheers Sarah

  2. good point Sarah. From the research i have done on the topic there are quite a variety of resources out there already. None exactly match our students needs but perhaps they are adaptable enough to do this. My other choice would be to do something around bones of the pelvis, skull and mechanism of labour. I think I will add this to this post as another option. There are also online resources about this but nothing that truly meets our needs. Resources on these aspects that are available tend to be quite random as opposed to those on medication administration which are often more structured.

  3. Lorna

     /  April 29, 2008

    As I said last week Carolyn, it would be really good to see some midwifery specific tools out there. As far as small is beautifu, soemtimes I think it pasys to start small and then looka at the wider scope and soemtimes its better to start macro and work down to the micro. Depends on the project and levels of confidence really.

    Good luck and look forward to seeing how it develops.


  4. your ideas to develop a plan for a resource as part of a course is fine as it could serve as a model for other materials.

    A medication administration package could perhaps be based on the models already out there, and perhaps include aspects of the computer based package: Bioscience safe methods for medication calculations.

    As you and I have talked about previously, this package which was used at OP for many years does need to be re-developed for online delivery.

    your other idea “bones of the pelvis, skull and mechanism of labour” would also be another excellent resource. I am sure there will already be simulation packages of this available which you could redesign to suit your purposes.

    The latter resource is more visual and could include a practice component with some theory accompanying it as just-in-time information and practical examples of different pelvis types, angles and fetal birthing positions.

    The medication package would have more drill and practice and could also include scenarios with different drugs and calcs. perhaps some links to pharmacological information as well.

    Both ideas would fit in well with the 4C/ID – four components Instructional Design model by van Merriënboer and others. There is a diagram illustrating the four part and explanation about it At:


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