Changed the theme again

I love the fadtastic theme I have been using on this blog but frustrated that it is virtually impossible to view all the posts so I have changed the theme again to this new one. Any comments about this, is it good or not, would be appreciated.

The new picture in the banner at the top of my blog is a photo from my holiday. It is the pool at Seaview Resort, Koh Chang.

Just changed the picture again. this time it is part of the opening ceremony from ICM Glasgow 2008. With school children waving the flags of all the nations represented. 3.500 midwives attended this conference.

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  1. I like the look, just not sure about the 3 columns – it seems a bit much. I know there is theory about this but cant remember where I read it – try Christine Martell’s blog.

  2. 3 columns? I can only see 2 and I think the new theme is much better

  3. That is because I changed it again and again Leigh. Glad you like it. It is much easier being able to scroll through the content of the blog I think. I think I will probably stay with this one.


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