Presentation of flexible learning draft plan

DFLP initial plan

I have edited this post. In the original post l asked for help with the audio files. Amit from Slideshare kindly pointed me in the right direction. unfortunately I still have a problem as the slideshare is having difficulty loading the sound files from Archives. So I am posting the slide show and link to the Audacity sound files separately . I am not sure if this will work for you and I will keep trying to get the slidecast working properly. Please open the sound file first then you can scroll thorugh the presentation and the sound will play. When Archives opens you will see a black box in the top right hand corner with the audio files in it. If you click on the play arrow it will automatically go frm one sound file to the next.

My email for any comments or feedback on this presentation is

Link here to the survey for your feedback

Disclaimer: I would like to stress that the thoughts and ideas presented here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer or the midwifery profession.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m from sldieshare; came to your blog thru technorati.

    For uplaoding audio use the internet archives, here’s a tutorial

  2. Thanks for your help Amit, what can I say. the instruction to use internet archive on slide share were clear and I just didn’t see them, too tired and frustrated I think. Also I am sure I knew this but had forgotten. I am so impressed and grateful that you took the time to stop by and point this out to me. Thanks again

  3. Hi Caroline,

    long time no contact..
    It all looks good, but I’m having some trouble with the survey.

    The link shown above doesn’t seem to work for me. The one in your email did. However when I got to the survey, my response to all questions would be “don’t know”. I’m not sure of the course requirements. You do seem to be considering factors that relate to the needs of students and the midwifery profession, but from my perspective I don’t feel I have enough info to give a definite answer to Q2&3. Sorry.

    I’ll keep tuned in for future development. 🙂


  4. Thanks for your feedback David. I have updated the link which works for me now so hopefully it is Ok. It will be interesting to see what others think. Perhaps I have not asked the right questions in the survey so feedback here or by email are fine. You can post comments here anonymously if you wish.

  5. Well done Carolyn,

    I see that on you have actually loaded audio separately for each slide! (I think?) things change so quickly with, I could be wrong. Last time I loaded audio, I did it as one audio file, and used the URL for that file (not the Archive page for the file, but the URL for the audio file itself) to embed with Slidesahre. But what you have here works fine anyway – especially because you have taken the time to say “slide number” at the start of each slide. So I can open the Archive page (or download the audio file) and listen while I view the slides on slideshare, or printed in front of me.

    With all the many considerations you speak of here Caroline, I had to concentrate to pick up on the specifics with regard to the flexible design. Sometimes you were talking about the course content, other times you talk about delivery generally, the wider political context, but I can see you are still thinking about how exactly flexible learning will look. This is fine, as the presentation is a draft to seek feedback. I think you need to clearly delineate the information. Separate out the course details from the flexible learning practice designs. Of course we will need to know some of the course context, but for the purposes of this course at least – we are looking for the specific designs for flexibility. It is there, it just needs to be simplified in terms of explaining it, and drawn out some more in terms of tangible designs from the many considerations you have presented.

    Basically, how? We have the why.. now the how.

  6. sarahmstewart

     /  August 15, 2008

    Hi Caroline, not knowing what the course outcomes are, I’m not sure how your plan meets the outcomes. My main feedback is the the same as Leigh’s – lots of big picture stuff, which is fantastic but I am still not sure what you’re going to do in your course.

  7. Thanks for feedback Leigh and Sarah. It is hard to know how far to go with this draft plan for consultation. I agree it is a bit vague and big picture. Still I welcome any feedback and suggestions regarding this from anyone. I am sure people do have thoughts and ideas about learning midwifery skills in this way. I wold welcome any of those ideas so that I can try to incorporate into the plan if possible.

  8. Also remember this is not a whole course, merely a small component of a course.

  9. Perhaps refer back the the course topics.. pick out 2 or 3 examples or considerations and work up from there. For example, you mention blended learning. I recall that being an early topic. review your posts on that topic, and the readings for it and develop a strong idea of what it is about Blended you like, and how you will impliment it for your course.

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