Survey results

This is the report  of the survey I conducted on the presentation of my plan.

There were only 5 respondents. Many thanks who took the time to respond. I advertised this widely and would have liked more responses. Those who did respond were generally positive.  Most stating it totally or mostly met the needs of the course, students and profession, one respondent did not answer whether it met the needs of the course and this respondent stated that they did not have information about the course. One respondent choose the more neutral option that it somewhat met these needs.

As there were only 5 participants it is possible to include all of their comments here (NB 2 comments from one respondent).

  • The thing that I found really difficult in this assignment Carolyn was the inclusion of all the different aspects of flexible learning in the write up with supporting evidence but your plan at the moment covers them all so remember to include them all in the write up
  • I dont know what the course outlines are
  • Make more clear what it is that you are designing in terms of flexible learning practice. You have made your considerations clear, but not so much your designs
  • i think you have shown us what you will need to consider as you plan your course but you have not actually considered these things in the detail yet.
  • this looks like the very beginning – and it is a very well planned beginning – but will you be populating it with more detail?
  • maybe more resources

So the consensus seems to be that I have not included enough detail and need to have more  about the design. However all seem to feel that it is generally moving in the right direction which is gratifying.

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  1. Good on you for posting the responses Carolyn. It is helpful for me to review the survey and the plan, and get the thoughts of others. So what will you do? Write up a plan that includes the detail. Perhaps focus on a budget and timeline that will force you to draw out that detail…


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