Week 16 DFLP

Well I have finally come to the end of this course. I have presented my draft flexible learning plan and completed my final learning plan. I have also considered how my postings have met the assessment requirments of this course and have created a table from the DFLP wiki site, included how I have met these criteria, self assessed and saved this as a google document which can be downloaded from here

I now have to summarise my postings and plan as to how I have met the following course objectives

  1. Discuss principles and processes of flexible teaching and learning to facilitate culture sensitive adult learning;                                                                                                                                                           I have considered the particular issues of adult learning in several postings particularly here where I discuss learning theories related to adult learning. And in this post where I discussed the benefits of blended learning particularly in relation to adult learning. These postings discuss the aspects of adult learning where adults come to new learning situation with a variety or previous experiences which will influence their current learning. These experiences form a platform on which further learning will build. Sometimes previous assumptions will be challenged and new ways of considering the world will be necessary, none the less all knowledge is built on previous experience connected with the current learning. Previous experience is strongly influenced by who we are and where we come from and I explored cultural issues related to blended learning here.
  2. Critique the design and application of existing flexible teaching and learning options in relation to the literature;                  During this course I have continually been  exploring aspects of flexible delivery. I consider that flexible learning is not something new, in fact human beings learn best in a flexible way and always have done. I have looked at learning theories and how the apply to learning in flexible model.
  3. Explore and justify the strategies for the development of flexible learning environments;                              I have considered all the various ways in which flexibility can be achieved and also what support structures may need to be considered for learners at a distance
  4. Analyse and evaluate challenges that arise in the design of flexible learning environments;         There are many challenges  when considering my flexible learning plan. In particular are the issues of accessibility, sustainability. There are also issues around open access consideration of earners preferred learning styles and many more. I have tried to address these in my pla.

I have learned a great deal form this course. Thanks to my fellow participants and to the staff who guided us through this learning journey.

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  1. Seems like a huge undertaking, Carolyn. How does this course differ from the ‘constructing’ course we are currently doing?

  2. There are similarities Sarah but the course we are doing now is about the ins and outs of how this will be implemented. I do think there is a overlap however. I am going to present this blog as consideration of learning theories and will continue it on now into how I will develop the course content, which of course is well underway now.


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