Evaluating course development resources

At the end of the DFLP course Bronwyn raised the question of evaluation, and invited us to consider why evaluation is important in education. She discussed the role of evaluation during all stages analysis, design, development and implementation of a course ( the Addie model)

As I have been developing the learning units I have been working on I have been loading them onto the CPIT and OP Moodle LMS for other lecturers to view and have invited them to comment. I have not initiated a formal process for these comments however and I have not had a great deal of feedback from this. I am wondering if I should seek answers to specific questions about these resources from other lecturers. I also wanted to get feedback from students and discussed this with the larger group at one of our regular meetings through Elluminate. Although there was general approval for this idea I did not want to give students access to all the work we are developing in its raw stages. On discussion with Terry Marler, who is supporting us with the IT side of development of this programme, we decided to create a special course where students could be enrolled and material could be loaded specifically for this purpose.

I asked the current first year students if they would be interested in reviewing some material. Several said thy would but to this point only two have actively pursued this. Here is the feedback from these students. I asked them to consider how long it would take to complete this resource, how easy it was to navigate, how easy it was to understand, did it flow well etc.

Student one

“I went through the unit this morning. It was very thorough and well thought out. I liked the videos, its nice to not have to read everything and get the change in learning style. Under the heading “how does infection spread” when you click on it, it only goes to the page with the objectives for a split second and then takes you elsewhere to a page that has the heading at the top corner: “up to date for patients”. I think it may just be a problem with the link where it goes there automatically so you can’t read the introduction page. I thought that things were worded very clearly, and that the quiz at the end explained the answers if you pressed the wrong answer.
I have to admit I was skeptical about how the whole online learning thing would work, but this is incredibly easy to follow and very thorough. This may actually be better than what we’re doing because people can go at their own pace and go over the material and refer back to it all at their fingertips. Even though blackboard does this for us, I think that this moodle is a lot easier to follow and you have done a great job with covering all your bases in this topic without having to download a powerpoint presentation. I wouldn’t mind seeing another one just to compare the two, but this one I found was really good.”

Student two

“I have been to have a look at the moodle course. I worked through it over the weekend, although it didn’t take very long maybe 3 hours.
The things I liked were the combination of media and sources giving a variety of ways to access the information. The little videos and quiz things were particularly good. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. Each topic flowed to the next and was not to difficult to process and understand.
The things I didn’t like. It took a moment to figure out the flow of the pages, when I got to the bottom I expected to be able to click next and move onto the next section. I don’t know if it will be available when the full course is up and running. But if I knew nothing about this topic I would have liked to be able ask questions of the topic tutor, maybe something like a feedback page?? I would have liked to have known which text book (and pages) to refer to If I wanted.
Overall it was rather good and would be happy to do this type of module in future.”

This has given me some useful feedback on the material reviewed from a students perspective. I have some ideas of things that I can change to improve the learning unit. I believe this has been a useful exercise and I would like to try to get more feedback if I can.

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  1. I wish I could see 😦

  2. Carolyn

     /  November 5, 2008

    I know! It would be great if this was open but it is not:( I have put some of my ppts on slide share and intend to have all my ppts there as time permits. I am still having trouble adding the sound to slideshare and need to pop down and see Susan about this. But increasingly I am not using ppt just adding content to EXE, which is a really good, easy programme to use.


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