Using web based quiz in a LMS

As readers of the blog will be aware I am developing course material for a new undergraduate midwifery course using the Moodle learning management system I have been using Exe as a development tool. It is a great programme and really easy to use but it does have some limitations. In particular I have found that the quizzes are cumbersome and slow to create, it is a long a protracted process and I find the results less that satisfactory, particularly for  formative assessments, which  I think should be fun as well as educative.

I have started using free online tools to create these formative assessments. Exe has the ability to link these in as websites so that they open seamlessly directly into  the moodle interface. My favourite is Interactive Games. This plays online and so can be linked directly into the moodle interface without having to follow hyperlinks. I really like to look of some of the resources in Classtools but ahve not yet managed to use any in my course work. I have also used Mystudio and it produces very nice looking multichoice quizzes, however I cannot embed them into Exe on Moodle and so have to hyperlink to them.

One of the many advantages of using web based quizzes is the ability to change the quiz, make alterations, add new material, without actually having to take down the whole Exe file, change and reload. The link to the file remains the same only the content has changed.

Does anyone know of any other webbased resources for creating an  online quiz?

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  1. davidmcquillan

     /  January 22, 2009

    You could use

    Survey monkey

    I’m not sure if you could embed them within Moodle. Why aren’t you using the quizzes that exist within Moodle btw?

    I’d be keen to see any interactive game-type formative assessments that you create. If you end up doing so could you post them to your blog?

  2. Let that be a lesson to me! the interactive games i was using have been removed so i am going to have to create them again somewhere else. I think this may be a result of belt tightening from the recession as the site gave an assurance that it would not go down. Ah well.

  3. davidmcquillan

     /  March 20, 2009

    That’s definitely one of the risks of distributed development – you don’t know if the sites you’re linking to/making use of are still there until either you or a student checks the link.

    Ideally we could do with a staff member who’s job it was to check the links in learning packages before they go out to students. I don’t know about you, but I definitely haven’t got time to do this consistently, even though I had grand intentions at the start of the year.

  4. Julia

     /  April 24, 2009

    I’m not really sure about Web-based tools. I know of a web-based authoring Smartbuilder that surely does quizzes to upload to your LMS. There is also one tool called Xerte – free to use – but not web-based. There’s something called but not sure on compatibility to Moodle. Have you ever used Respondus? this is something you have to install but it’s a nice tool to create quizzes and easily uploads to Moodle. The problem with Moodle is that it reads scorm, aicc and some other formats that webbased quizmakers don’t support. So you might want to look for programs to install in your machine (


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