Embarking on a more creative pathway

I started this blog back in 2008 when I was involved in developing a course, to be delivered in a blended format of face to face teaching, small group tutorials, online content and online tutorials. It seemed like a huge task but it is one that was successfully achieved and has been tried and tested for a several years now. It has developed and grown and changes have been made over this time some of which I am yet to blog about. 

Blogging has been very sporadic for me over the last few years, time is the issue and also having ideas to explore and present on a blog is not always easy. 

The stimulus for this blog post is a MOOC I have enrolled in called Creativity, Innovation and Change, from PennState University. The course has several mechanisms for students to connect with each other and a group of New Zealanders, myself included, have joined a Google plus group to keep in touch and to share throughout the course. The course is 8 weeks long and I look forward to seeing where it goes. I have watched one or two of the course videos, which I have found quite generic. Clare Atkins, one of our NZ group participants posted a video, part serious part comedy by John Cleese, which did stimulate my thinking about the whole topic. Paula Lourie, another group member posted a video presentation she had been involved in developing on the topic of this course which also gave me food for thought.

I am not the best student and I am not very good a following the rules and doing what I am told. I suspect many of my students are the same. I tend to follow my own path and explore the things I find to be of interest. One of the first week course activities was to build a paper tower, which many course particpants seemed to embrace with some enthusiasm but it did nothing for me. I was not really that interested. 


Strangely though I have found that my brain is bursting with ideas of things to do, innovations to try and changes that I believe could improve the way my course and perhaps other practice skills courses are delivered to our students and the learning experiences students have. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the course or if it is just something that has just happened. I do know that I am an impulsive person by nature. I feel I have some good ideas burning away I just need to identify where it is that I put my energy and work out how to move things forward.

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  1. Oh Carolyn – I so know what you mean about blogging – I run several for different classes and so I get into the habit of posting things there but for myself? on my own blog? ……..there always seems so many other things to do! I have been thinking recently that I should do what I tell my students to do – don’t worry about who is reading it, just write it for yourself, as journal/reflection/to do list……just to jot down things that come to mind. Well maybe one day!!
    I too am very poor about doing all the things a course wants you to do – I was never a very exemplary student! That is one of the things I like about MOOCs you can dip in and embrace the parts that interest you and not worry about the rest – provided that you don’t want a certificate at least 🙂
    It’s funny but I read the paper tower exercise too – and thought “oh no, not for me!” If it had been a word puzzle I probably would have spent a lot longer – engineering never was my forte!
    Thanks for posting this – it has brought me back to engaging with the course after a few days of finding ‘better’ things to do! Much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for popping by and commenting Clare. Perhaps I will get up to speed and write up some of the things I have been involved with and doing, and then again perhaps not. Although our NZ group seems to be slightly separate from the course it is our group which is keeping me engaged more than anything else, so thank you for that.


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